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BB Code
Improving your post style
[Note: Experimental feature!]

Friendica has support for BB Code.
Here is a list of the currently supported ones.

  • [b]bold[/b] - bold
  • [i]italic[/i] - italic
  • [u]underlined[/u] - underlined
  • [s]strike[/s] - strike
  • [color= red]red[/color] - red
  • [url=]Friendica[/url] - Friendica
  • [img][/img] - Imagem/foto
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It still has issues with tyneMCE, our rich text editor. So, to have a good experience with bbcode meanwhile you can enable the plugin Editplain and will you have back the old plain editor.


Nice work! Linked.

Two great tips, bbcode list and plugin Editplain. Thanks for sharing @Abinoam Jr .

Instead of the youtube and vimeo tags, I think you can just use a viedo tag, and audio for that think without moving pictures.

Thanks Tobias! \o/

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