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Pra minha grande tristeza, tenho tido muito pouco tempo para passear aqui pelo mundo digital.  :-(

Vou ver se consigo publicar algumas coisinhas hoje.
Hey @Tobias Diekershoff ! Did you google translated it ? Or you do understand portuguese?

No, I googled it ;-) And I laughed hard when I compared the results of the English and German translation, the later made no sense at all :-D

It would be something like:
"I'm sad because I'm not having the time to travel here at this digital world".
"I'll see if I can publish some little things today".

>es, that's what Google tells you for the English version too, but for the 2nd sentence the German is "Ich werde sehen, ob ich ein paar Dinge darfst heute." along the lines "I will see if I'm allowed to do some things today"

Now we have a good translation :-) Thanks Tony!

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