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🛠️ 🧵 Day 3 of the PKP Hannover Sprint 2023 hosted by @tibhannover focused on the collaborative work between PKP, TIB, and TSV (Federation of Finnish Learned Societies) on the @craftoa project!

The CRAFT-OA project is about Creating a Robust Accessible #Federated #Technology for #OpenAccess.

Primary among these priorities are improvements to #GDPR compliance, multilingual support & #metadata quality in PKP #scholarlypublishing software (#OJS, #OMP, #OPS).

#PKPHan2023 #PKP25

Day 3 at the PKP Hannover Sprint 2023 hosted by TIB! 

More than 20 diverse participants engaged in discussions about what steps are being taken to improve GDPR compliance, multilingual support, and metadata quality in PKP software. 

In these photos, some participants spoke to the group about updates, others contributed brainstorming and next steps, while many took notes and looked up resources. Everyone is engaged, thinking hard, and using their technology in the activities.

🧵 Participants discussed "CRAFT-OA Deliverable 3.1 Report on Standards for Best Publishing Practices and Basic Technical Requirements in the Light of FAIR Principles" which is located at Zenodo:

#DiamondOpenAccess #OpenAccess #DIAMAS #PlanS #OpenAIRE

@craftoa @DOAJ

🧵 Details of CRAFT-OA:

* EU funded, Horizon Europe Framework Programme
* 3 years (2023-2025)
* 23 organisations from 14 countries
* Developing #DiamondOpenAccess publishing in Europe, especially the technical side

* Close to #DIAMAS project

Target groups in particular:

* IPSP = institutional publishing service providers
* IPTP = institutional publishing technology providers

The text of this image is contained in the post.

The CRAFT-OA and European Union funding logo are given at the bottom of the slide.

The @craftoa deliverables / planned deliverables include work on PKP's #OJS:

* D4.1 Plugins to enable JATS #XML Based #Interoperability between OJS and #Lodel

* D4.2 OJS Core Feature Enhancements

* D4.3 Deployment & upgrading toolkits / recommendations for OJS / Lodel

* D6.1 OJS Connector for #OpenAIRE Research Graph

* D6.2 OJS Plugin for #EOSC Interoperability Framework on Research Product Publishing

* D6.3 OJS Plugin for integrating #EOSC Catalogue feedback

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