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A 360-degree view of the Moon's surface in high resolution captured by the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft.


PBS has a great documentary on how earth evolved from rocks to something that could support (and apparently create) life.

Highly recommended.

Adding later: It was called: Ancient Earth: Birth of the Sky. In NOVA program.

AND this looks like a link, though we watched via PBS:


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what is the suspected cause of the extreme dark patches?
Never realized how completely developed the moon is...
It feels as if I'm looking at/through a glass marble. It's almost transparent - opaque, but not quite solid. Weird.
This is /fantastic/. Thank you for posting this, which I bookmarked. The movement and the framing make it look 3D, with the whiter areas standing slightly above the mare. To my eyes, anyway. Thank you.
is there a flat moon society?

Woah! (Not a very scientific expression, I know)

How about, awesome!

This is one of the greatest gifs ever rendered 😁

Absolutely gorgeous GIF, thanks!

Someday …

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rotating it in my mind
did they capture the dark side? Id be curious to see what the other half looks like. :gnomeHey: :gargamel:
To get a 3D effect, place a dark filter in front of you right eye.
@tchambers You weren’t meant to see the back! No one was meant to see the back. For 2000 years no one knew what the far side looked like, oh my God we’re all going to die!

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