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PDF Attachements

Adam Robertson Adam Robertson wrote the following post Wed, 22 Nov 2023 08:02:11 -0800
PDF Attachements
There is a person on Mastodon yesterday commenting about not being able to attach PDF's to their posts (apparently this is not allowed in Mastodon for some reason).

I was curious, so I commented on their post with a PDF attached to my comment. I was able to see my comment and the attached PDF, but if I go to their Mastodon page and view the thread, my comment does not even show up. I am guessing that Mastodon just ignores comments that break the no-pdf rule.

So, herre is yet another thing that Streams can do easily that other platforms cannot, yet Mastodon is the popular platform. I am always left scratching my head on that.


Here, I am attaching a PDF just because I can:

@Adam Robertson

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"... yet Mastodon is the popular platform. I am always left scratching my head on that..."
Not anymore,
after the last 3 years I realized that people who act or don't act in a certain way are not just X on this planet but X multiplied by 3. ;-)
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Does anybody have a feature comparison table that covers these little differences between Streams and Mastodon?

PDF files not allowed.
Audio files not allowed.
Images show up in reverse order?
Editable comments and posts
Post filtering

Add to the list?

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So maybe it has something to do with instances that don't all work the same way. Or the file type. Mine was an MP3
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in an audio attachment the tag zaudio or audio is automatically formed in the post, while with pdf nothing is formed, probably this is the reason.
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in a post with two video attachments, a video with an .mp4 extension and another without an extension, the one with an extension automatically forms the tag "video" and therefore mastodon barely sees it as a link, while the other video does not appear at all.

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streams -- mastodon
then I discovered:

attachment is not recognized (unless it is transformed into a tag in the post)

if I delete a post (exclude), in mastodon it still continues to appear.

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is there a way to wrap pdf's in tags to make it appear in Mastodon? Not that I really care that much, but I am curious
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You are right. In /admin/security there is a setting for "Allow Embedding PDF's" although I do not see that it is working just yet. I activated it but pdf's are not embedded, still just attached
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you need to upload in your hub the pdf and then using "embed" tag in mastodon appears as a link
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We had (have) an app/plugin for this ( and so also a streams tag for pdf or maybe was in hubzilla).
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it's frustrating that Mastodon's limits get imposed on everyone else.


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I'm using Friendica ( and I can see your PDF and open it with no problems here.
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It's been a while since I worked with pdf's in streams because they don't have much support elsewhere in the fediverse. If I recall the basic set of steps was for the admin to allow pdfs, then you can provide a pdf file in 'insert web link' and also tick the 'embed content if possible' and I don't remember if you also need to tick 'load remote media players'. I think you might need to do this also because the pdf is actually using the old oembed workflow. Then it will probably display on your site. Whether it displays on other sites depends on if they allow pdfs. Like I said, this is all fuzzy now, but that should at least let you see something working. Whether or not it federates is a much more complicated problem.
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It seems that in this moment - spoiler and NSF...... - does not hide text in mastodon, plz someone can confirm?
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N s f w doesn't work, i don't know about sensitive, how it works?
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Tried also sensitive as a tag and text, nothing, in this moment we don't have how to hide a text for mastodon and clones.
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"in this moment we don't have how to hide a text for mastodon and clones. "

The 'summary' bbcode tag will hide text for Mastodon.

The sensitive hashtag will hide media in Mastodon.

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Using summary as bbcode and not HTML, having 3 diferentes results in mitra firefish and mastodon
FediCrazy 😂
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Speaking seriously now.
I'm using release version and currently I get:
one hides the text in the middle of the bbcode summary tag
another hides the text before the tag but shows the text inside the tag
and mastodon doesn't show the message at all (as if it didn't arrive at its destination).
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Sensitive tag with media work in streams but not using hubzilla (in my test in zotum) Vs mastodon

Bbcode tag summary doesn't work in hubzilla and Streams Vs mastodon.

in reply to Giac El Vecio

Filtered word: nsfw

in reply to Jupiter Rowland

Using summary in streams today, mastodon does not show the entire post, as mastodon doesn't accept and so decide to not show. Using it in hubzilla, mastodon show but doesn't hide.
But if we consider others platforms we see different behaviors, so it seems is not so easy to fix for all the platforms.

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